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Getting Started

What is Crystal Meth?
What is it made of? How is it used? What are the side effects? Find out now.
Using Now?
Are you using crystal meth and not ready to stop? Find out how you can reduce your risk
Helping Others
Are you concerned that a friend or loved one is using crystal meth? What you can do
Helping Yourself
How to ask for help. How to get the help you need. Start here

HELP QUITTING OR REDUCING HARM - If you think you might have a problem with crystal meth, there are resources to help.

Stop Using - The best way to protect yourself is to stop using. If you think you might be ready to try quitting, even for a period of time, you have several tools at your disposal right now.
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous and SMART Recovery are free self-help programs that help people stop using meth. The meetings are attended by people who support each other in staying off meth.
  • Whitman Walker Addiction Services (WWAS) provides evaluation and treatment services to Gay/Bi meth users. WWAS also offers a harm reduction group. (202) 939-7623.
Reduce Your Risks - If you don't want to stop using, there are harm reduction techniques you can use to lower your risks.
  • Condoms are the best protection against HIV, Hep C, and STDs/STIs.
  • If you bareback, use lots of lube to minimize the risk of cuts or tears.
  • If you inject, don't share needles (points) with others. If you don't inject, don't start.
  • Clean points are available at any DC pharmacy without a prescription and also through needle exchange programs. Visit for DC needle exchange locations.
  • Consider avoiding gay hookup apps/sites - a lot of people online use meth. The temptation to use can quickly become overwhelming, even if your only intention is to hook up.
  • If you do use hookup apps/sites, say you don't use meth. Ask directly if they use. Pick a partner who is not using it.
  • Don't mix meth with other drugs, especially other stimulants, GHB, and sexual enhancement drugs.

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About Us

The DC Crystal Meth Working Group consists of members of the local community and local organizations dedicated to providing information and resource that help people make informed choices about crystal meth. Find out more here

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